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Missing Pets – Contacts for lost or missing pets

Missing Pets – Contacts for lost or missing pets

When a cat or any pet goes missing it is truly a worrying and stressful experience. Putting up posters and delivering leaflets in the vicinity door to door for missing pets is always advisable, and asking around.

Not everyone stops to look at posters, especially if they drive most of the time so that it why door to door leafleting in the area is recommended, as well as attaching posters on lamp posts and trees.

Some people also hire pet detectives to help them search for their missing pets. In addition, there are organizations where missing pets can be registered free of charge as missing or found. No missing animal should be just written off because of their age.

It never fails to annoy me when people imply that an elderly cat gone missing must have chosen to go away to die. That is nonsense.

For a start, cats are domesticated and as a species are not pack animals. Pack animals in the wild may leave the pack if they are ill, to protect the other members of the pack from predators. But cats are not packed animals. Besides, they are domesticated. Even feral cats are not packed animals.

Cats who form very close bonds with their human companions or with other cats they share a household with will not choose to leave of their own accord. An elderly cat should never be denied help or written off because of their age, whether it be a medical help or if they have gone missing.

When a pet goes missing, it is recommended and advisable to:

leaflet door to door and put up posters register a missing pet with as many missing pet organizations/registers as possible, as they all work in a variety of different ways. alert vets and rescue centers, especially if the pet is not microchipped phone local authorities/councils to check for deceased animals killed by traffic that may have been removed from roads.

Here is a list of organizations for missing pets, and a list of pet detective services.

Organisations and Registers for Missing PetsAnimal Search UK  animalsearchuk. Offers a lost and found matching service and registration is free. Cat Chat offers lost and found cat advice, and you can also click on the links for regional and national pet registers in the UK. Visit cathat. Cat Aware cat aware. Stolen and Stray stolenandstray. Registers pet’s details and notifies vets, rescue centers, port police and various other organizations Pets Bureau petsbureau. National Pet Register (U.K. register) nationalpetregister Pet Lost (U.S. based) petlost Nationwide database in U.S. cross-referencing lost to found animals National Missing Pet (U.S. based) ntlpetrescuenw Missing Pet Alert missingpetalert Lost Pet Finders lostpetfinders. Where Pets are Found Will list missing pets anywhere in the world, and will share on all social media pet Detectives Services for Missing PetsAnimal Search UK animalsearchuk Search team operates throughout the UK Pet Detectives thepetdetectives Provides pet detective services throughout the UK missing Pet Partnership missingpetpartnership Based in the US, gives advice on how to find a pet detectivePet Detective pet-detective Other Useful Resources Visit catchat for tips and advice for lost and found cats. Check out tips and advice by visiting cats.

So these are some information about Missing Pets – Contacts for lost or missing pets. I  hope you like this. If you have any question please comment below.

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